Our Services

We offer services that address all six web site items identified below.

You decide how you want to look on line through your web site.

We can assist you in achieving your goals.

We believe every web site is a unique representation of you and your business.

We offer complete web site packages starting at $100 per year with a one time $50 setup fee.


Publishing a web site involves six items

  1. Domain name (yoursite.com) registration (usually annual)
  2. A company to host your web site (monthly and/or annual)
  3. A web site design, creation and publish process (one time cost)
  4. Management and maintenance (weekly/monthly/annually)
  5. Web Site Promotion
  6. Traffic and usage reports

1,2) Hosting sites often offer domain name registration as part of their service offering. The cost ranges from as low as $5 per month to whatever you want to spend. We believe that reasonable hosting and name registration costs should not exceed $100 per year for a personal or small business web site.


3) Web site design is often offered by the hosting service but is often limited to their templates and a specific number of pages. The cost ranges from "included" (no cost but your time) to whatever you want to spend. We believe a good design and web site with about 5 pages should cost between $100 to $500 for a simple business web site or a personal web site depending upon art and design requirements i.e. logo design, trademark design, photographs, and digital asset creation.


4) Management and maintenance costs vary based upon your needs. Often this is performed by submitting a document and/or making changes through the hosting company web site design application. The cost ranges from "do it yourself" to whatever you want to spend. We believe this should not exceed $100 per year for quarterly updates to a small number of pages.


5) Promoting and submitting your web site to search engines can be daunting. There are sites that will submit your web site for free provided you add a link to them on your site. Some sites provide a subscription submission service ranging from $30 to $200 per year.


6) Reports are sometimes provided by the hosting company. The costs range from "do it yourself" to using other site's services that provide detail tracking often requiring a link to them on your site. Some, like Google, provide a free service but require technical skills to utilize.

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